The Queensland Police Service launches the Police Multicultural Advisory Group (PMAG)

The Queensland Police Service launches the Police Multicultural Advisory Group (PMAG)

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The Queensland Police Service (QPS) has recently established the Police Multicultural Advisory Group (PMAG) to enhance partnerships with Queensland’s diverse multicultural communities.

The PMAG is an advisory body to the QPS designed to make recommendations intended to strengthen relationships and improve key policing activities, responses and practices which impact multicultural individuals and communities in Queensland.

Twelve community leaders throughout Queensland have been selected as PMAG members and will contribute their rich and diverse experience and knowledge to this group.

The current membership of the PMAG brings together diverse cultural, faith, ethnic, migrant, academic, vocational and lived experiences.

The inaugural meeting of the PMAG took place at the QPS Headquarters in Brisbane on January 23, with the PMAG Chair and Commissioner Katarina Carroll meeting with the members for the first time.

As a child of migrant parents herself, Commissioner Carroll shared her personal experiences with the group and expressed her optimism, enthusiasm and support for the work to be undertaken by the group throughout their two-year tenure.

 “As our Queensland community becomes increasingly culturally diverse, there is no better time for us as an organisation to strengthen our relationships in partnership with this group of key community leaders who will assist us become more culturally responsive and accessible as a Service to our multicultural Queenslanders,” said Commissioner Carroll.

“The PMAG will be integral to enhancing the cultural capability of our people and our organisation, as well build on our relationships with our multicultural communities.”

Historically, the QPS has maintained the Police Ethnic Advisory Group with many positive outcomes delivered through this group over a period of more than three decades.

The establishment of the new Police Multicultural Advisory Group is the Service’s next chapter of building on existing partnerships and relationships, and is part of a larger commitment through the QPS Multicultural Action Plan 2022-2024 in identifying opportunities for improvement and ensuring the Service enhances its ability to support and respond to community needs in an operationally effective and culturally sensitive manner.

The PMAG will meet quarterly over the next two-year term, with the next meeting scheduled for March 7.

Contact with the PMAG can be made via the Secretariat:

Front Row (left to right): Rev Emil Rahimov, Dr Janet Hou, Commissioner Katarina Carroll APM, Mr Habib Jamal, Mr Zakaria Amin, Mr Faysel Ahmed Selat, Ms Joan (Adhis) Cole
Back Row (left to right): Inspector Jacqui Honeywood, Senior Sergeant Cindel Richardson, Mrs Kamalijit Mr Athwal, Pino Migliorino AM (Facilitator), Mr Faupapa Enari, Ms Li-Wen Wang, Mrs Gail Paratz, Senior Constable Debby Stewart, A/Superintendent Robert Fleischer
Absent: Mr Muhammed Haniff Bin Abdul Razak and Dr Jishu Das (JD) Gupta.

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