Queensland Police Watch House conversations: Violent, sexist & racist.

Queensland Police Watch House conversations: Violent, sexist & racist.

Queensland Police Watch House conversations: Violent, sexist & racist.

The Queensland Muslim community is very disturbed by the audio recordings that have surfaced in The Guardian, today, It exposes conversations between on duty Queensland Police Service (QPS) officers that are racist, sexist, and violent in nature. The obnoxious dehumanizing language and how casually it is being used by these officers is an indication of how significant a problem this is
within the QPS. The government and the hierarchy of QPS, cant continue to turn a blind eye to the systemic problems that are ingrained within the Police ranks.

What’s even more concerning are the references to white supremacist conspiracy theories, which are the very ideas that drive people to commit violent crimes against minorities. It brings to the fore the negative experiences that some Muslims and many people from a migrant background suffer.

These are officers who have been entrusted with a role to protect community, to preserve peace, to uphold and administer the law fairly, None of this can be expected from individuals who hold such views. The Queensland Muslims Inc. (QMI) calls upon the QPS to take immediate action against these officers and those that offer them protection.

Recent comments by the QPS Commissioner Ms. Katarina Carroll indicated racism, sexism and misogyny were prevalent within the QPS, and this audio supports her assertions, Howevert Police have an important role to play in the community and it becomes very difficult to trust that justice will be served when many in the QPS have this attitude. As it is, many marginalised communities find it difficult to report abuse or assaults to the Police or participate in any meaningful engagement and todays audio will only further widen that distrust, Women and especially women of colour are at their most vulnerable when engaging with the police, and when we hear how they talk about women, it makes it extremely distressing knowing that this will only further isolate women and discourage them from reporting abuse and sexual assaults.

QMI calls on the QPS to dismantle the systemic abuse that is in the Police Service and rebuild trust with all communities so that Queenslanders can feel comfortable discussing extremely personal issues with hardworking and compassionate officers, without the stigma of racism and misogyny. The QMI takes this opportunity to thank Officer Steven Marshall for bringing this behaviour to takes a lot of courage to expose this horrid culture in the QPS and we offer our support and respect to him.


13 November 2022

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