QMI Broadbeach Rally Speech: Palestine Genocide

QMI Broadbeach Rally Speech: Palestine Genocide

Let me start by acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet today and pay my respects to the elders, past, present and emerging. 

I cannot comprehend how this genocide – now into its 42nd day – is allowed to continue. 

42 days of brutality and destruction –  42 days of starvation and thirst; 

42 days of darkness and dehumanisation. 42 days of genocide; killing more than 12,000 human beings – not human animals as some would have us believe; more than 30,000 injured; 5,000 children killed and more than 1700 children missing – buried under the rubble and the USA and its allies cannot call for a ceasefire – shame. 

We must demand an immediate ceasefire. 

There is nothing humanitarian about a humanitarian pause in which the occupied peoples of Gaza have two options – to leave their homes forever or die.  

No electricity or fuel means: 

Every baby in an incubator will die, 

Eery patient on dialysis will die, 

Every patient in icu will die, 

Every patient that needs oxygen will die, 

Every patient that needs emergency surgery will die 

And still the USA and its allies cannot call for a ceasefire. 

So if you oppose a ceasefire then we ask – what is your cut off point – is it 50,000, 500,000 or 2.3 million? 

The fact that some are willing to go so far to defend an apartheid regime that has massacred more than 12,000 in 6 weeks is stunning. 

Many more will be killed inside hospitals today – places of healing and safety that have been turned into graveyards. 

Cutting off water, food, medicines, and fuel means death from starvation and disease – so more deaths at the hands of the occupying forces. 

They will then justify their genocide by lying to the political and media establishments that happily promote their propaganda. 

What a shameful state our humanity is in. 

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