Palestine Rally

Palestine Rally

Let me start by acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet and pay my respect to their elders’ past, present and emerging.

We condemn all forms of killing of innocent civilians regardless of who the perpetrators are and we do not condone any form of violence.

I also want to make it very clear that what is happening in Palestine and Israel has got nothing to do with religion.

Exactly 35 days ago we woke up to the news of an atrocity that took place inside Israel – a state with some of the most technically advanced military and surveillance equipment in the world. How could this have happened I asked myself.

Ever since October 7 on every major news channel I hear the opening statement “do you condemn what happened on October 7”.

Lets step back for one moment –

On May 14, 1948, the establishment of the state of Israel was officially proclaimed. 

Before 1948 Palestine was home to a diverse population of Arabs, Christians, and Jews, all living in harmony with rich religious ties to the area and especially to the city of Jerusalem.

15 May 1948 marked the end of the British mandate and the beginning of Israel as an Independent Jewish state. Palestinian Muslims and Christians consider this day to be the al Nakba or the Catastrophe whereby they were dispossessed of their homes, lands and livelihoods as a result of ethnic cleansing and operations during the Arab-Israel war between 1947 and 1949.

Fast forward 75 years and we find that Israel has taken over more land through illegal settlements and dispossession and the Palestinians have been confined within the area of the West Bank and the Gaza enclave. Gaza is approximately 360 square kms in area and accommodates 2.3 million people. It is regarded as the world’s largest open-air prison.

The continuous aggression against the people of Palestine is not a war – it is ethnic cleansing and remember there are no two sides to ethnic cleansing – one side is doing the ethnic cleansing, and the other side is getting wiped out.

What we are currently witnessing is also a massacre and a genocide to obliterate a people that have been subjected to 75 years of injustice, oppression, torture, deprivation, dispossession, and dehumanisation and prevented entry into the land of their birth. Their olive plantations and crops destroyed, their homes demolished, their children beaten and imprisoned, whilst the illegal settlements continue to expand.

The Palestinian people have been subjected to every form of humiliation by the Zionist forces through multiple checkpoints – preventing access to healthcare and other essential services. They walk with impunity in their military boots into the most sacred places of worship, desecrating holy sites and attacking unarmed defenceless worshippers.

This so-called bravery is financed by the US and supported by Europe and the dishonesty of international media – concealing the truth and covering up their atrocities.

In the current crisis their every action must be questioned:

Bombing of schools,  

Bombing of hospitals,

Bombing of civilian apartments,

Bombing of ambulances, the use of white phosphorous, the blockading of food, medicines, water, and fuel and meting out

collective punishment – these are all war crimes.

With more than 10,000 dead, of which over 4000 are children, 30,000 injured, thousands unaccounted for as they lay buried in the rubble and more than 1 million displaced this is considered a classical genocide by the UN.

We must question our humanity if we can condemn the killings of October 7 but condone the mass murders before and after this date. We can either stand against the taking of human lives, or we look the other way. We cannot pause the human life counter and selectively choose which life is worth more.

We must demand for an immediate ceasefire – not a pause – a pause is rubbish! A humanitarian pause is a choice between displacement and a delayed death sentence.

Anyone that opposes a ceasefire at this point under the present circumstances and atrocities is giving the Zionist forces the right to continue with their indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians.

We need international law to be applied equally to all sides. We must advocate for peace and support humanitarian efforts to end this genocide.

Enough is enough.






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