Masjid Update 7 Oct 2022: Update after threats

Masjid Update 7 Oct 2022: Update after threats

Voicemail Threat

As many would now be aware, Kuraby Masjid received an extremely vile and threatening voicemail on Monday 3 October 2022. The matter was escalated to the relevant authorities and the individual concerned was arrested the day after. He was then also released on bail the same day.

We are grateful that the police acted quickly in apprehending the individual, however we are frustrated by the clear double standards displayed by our authorities in this regard. In line with the teachings of our Prophet (SAW), we would willingly forgive the individual responsible for this threat in the event he is sincerely remorseful, and we welcome him to our Masjid to engage with us and learn more about Islam. However, we take issue with a system that would, without hesitation, label a Muslim in the same position a terrorist and charge him with multiple charges under the counter-terror laws yet apply a totally different approach to an individual who is not a Muslim.

Kuraby Masjid is actively working with QMI, AMAN and other organisations and individuals within our community to change these double standards and ensure that a fair and just approach is applied to all individuals regardless of religious affiliation.

Ongoing Support

On a brighter note, we have received a number of messages of support from everyday Australians and some politicians, however it would be great if our politicians come forward publicly to denounce this sort of behaviour. We are truly humbled by this support and thank everyone who has contacted us to express their sentiments on this matter. Our country is made up of some amazing people! We have a responsibility to engage with the wider community and learn more about others so that they can learn more about us.


As an interim measure, we have engaged an independent security company for the next 2 weeks for 4 hours a day during peak times. Our security guard’s name is Paul, who is really nice — go over and say hello. We have also requested an increased police presence in the area so if you do see any police cars in or around our Masjid, this is at our request.

Building Work

As you can see the building works are coming along nicely. We have had some unfortunate disruptions eg. the leaking roof. This is been attended to and should be fixed by next week. We note that some people have expressed concern with our broken fence. This will be fixed in due course in line with the building plan to ensure once it is erected, it does not have to come down again.

Community Update Session

The Masjid has an update session this Sunday 9 October at 1.15pm for men and women upstairs in the main prayer hall. During this session we will cover:

  • Activities over the past year
  • Future plans
  • Q&A
  • New building tour

Please RSVP by sending a text message to 0452176560 with the names of who is attending.

Kuraby Masjid Management Committee
140B Beenlei h Rd, Kurab QLD 4112

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